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My name is Khalid Moumad born and raised in Paris France. Traveler and diamond lover i wrote “Price per carat” as an educational book to explain – based on my experience, the diamond chain’s from mine to market and how to get involved in it. this book will benefit people already in the diamond industry as well as complete beginners.

What is the difference between lab grown and natural diamond ?
Where to buy and sell rough diamonds ?
Where to buy and sell polish diamonds ?
How to export rough ?
How to open your own polishing factory ?
How to register your diamond trading business ?
How to start your own mining production ?

You will understand step by step the diamond evolution from deep under the earth to high end jewelry production piece and explain how to make money in this business. “Price per carat” outlines profit and margin made by actors of this industry.

Video and photo of my journey in Sierra Leone, India and Russia will be shown.

Where money and greed for business meet, the dark side of this world should not be ignored, i will describe you how scammers tend to lure their victims and steal thousands of dollars on daily basis, as well as how diamonds are used by criminal organizations.


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